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Shall We Hope: An Interview with Tony Trischka

A Walking Jazz History Book: An Interview with Phil Schaap

Downright Stinson: An Interview with Alex Bleeker and the Freaks

Blue Plate Special: An Interview with Jay Friedman

Lion of Zion: The Music of John Lee Krasnow

I Remember Sidewalks: an interview with Randie O'Neil

Bayou Blues

Patrick Hickey, Jr. Of Review Fix, described today's guest as a smooth and charming Americana folk pop artist who puts her whole self into her writing and performances, using honest and witty lyrics about heartache and strength, paired with catchy melodies. Recently honored by the New Jersey Arts and Music songwriting contest for the title track "I'm Not That Girl", her roots inspired sound includes multiple albums as well as her EP, "I'm Not That Girl" and "Here I Stand". If you're a fan of Roseanne Cash or Pat Benatar, you're gonna be a fan of today's guest. Her latest album "Full Moon Rising", explores finding your way through tough times and explores relationships during those tough times. Produced during the confines of Covid 19, it helped her to stay connected to her friends and community. It is my pleasure to introduce Randie O'Neil to the show. Welcome to the show.

For a transcript of this show contact: misterradio2020@gmail.com

Invest In Yourself: The Podcast Series
Podcaster Marshall Katzman talks to us about Mister Radio

"Mister Radio"
Now Booking Guests

The original “Mister Radio” Podcasts started circa 1990. Currently on hiatus, every now and then we will reach into the vaults for an old show from way back when. Remember, "Mister Radio" invites you to participate from the comfort of your own home where we will interview you about anything: politics, education, religion, science, industry or the arts. So, if you’d like to share your life with a thirty minute interview over the phone on ZOOM or any other platform please let us know by:

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Burton Tower: A Character Study
Burton TowerAn interview with Percival Price (1901-1985) one of the first professional carillonneurs in North America and carillonneur William De Turk who received a master of music degree in organ performance from the University of Michigan, where he studied the carillon with Percival Price, circa 1970. Produced by David Ball, Marshall Katzman and Jay Lindquist


1989 interview with the late baritone saxophonist and jazz composer John Lee Krasnow, or watch the music video "Nick's Boogie to Nowhere".
The article about the making of Ululation appears in waxpoetics. The exciting thing is that the masters are with the engineers and getting ready to be re-issued.


feedburner Diabetes:Into The New Decade Part I
Produced in 1990 this series is still relevant today and includes interviews with diabetics, doctors and other experts in the field.
Running Time: 29'39"

feedburner Diabetes:Into The New Decade Part II
Highlights the importance of diet and nutrition.
Running Time: 29'13"


feedburnerDiabetes: Into The New Decade Part III
Highlights pregnancy and children with diabetes.
Running Time: 28'06"


 feedburnerDiabetes: Into The New Decade Part IV
Highlights living with diabetes.
Running Time: 29'49"



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